Posted: Feb 06, 2020 6:21 pm
by Fallible
Keep It Real wrote:Frankly, I'm pretty well flabbergasted that despite at least THREE perfectly adequate descriptions of the process of SHs, including this one, which is so fantastically easy to understand and straight-forward my 7 year nephew could probably manage it, you still do not. Maybe you can't teach an old addiction therapist new/revolutionary tricks I guess. That would be very sad.

Is it supposed to mean something that you’re flabbergasted? Is it supposed to mean something that you think what you’ve offered is perfectly adequate? You very frequently lay the blame for misunderstandings, disagreements or unpleasantries at the door of your interlocutors or critics. There is a very recent thread where this has been unfolding in real time, and countless examples of you coming up with some half chewed psychobabble which people understandably shrug at, and that you continue to try to defend long after it’s become clear it was just something you shat out on a beery afternoon. It is, I think, so common that it could be classed as a KIR thing.

I told you why I don’t buy it. Your descriptions were not perfectly adequate. They make NO SENSE. If warnings to stop smoking created the desire to smoke, where did the smokers come from? No one would need to point out the dangers of smoking until someone smoked. But why would they smoke if it’s warning people not to that causes the desire?

If you were an actual therapist, certified by an awarding body and properly registered, you’d be aware of CPD, which is required of every member of the main governing body, meaning that even old therapists learn new tricks constantly. Unfortunately you’re not, so you aren’t, and instead you just keep ploughing on with the inane buck-passing to explain away why other won’t play ball with your nonsense.

Fallible wrote:It looks illogical to me.

It IS illogical! It's a cognitive "error" - a hologram, which appears to be substantive but which is in fact ittle more than smoke and mirrors.

No, your ‘explanation’ is illogical.