Posted: Feb 07, 2020 1:19 am
by Hermit
Keep It Real wrote:Sacrifice Holograms – where one has a very bad habit, but "unconsciously" deduces there MUST be a powerful reason to continue with that habit due to the fact one DOES continue. The worse the habit,the more numerous and strong reasons to discontinue with it, the more powerful the holographic image in the mind of an enormously powerful reason to continue. The longer the habit's been going on? Same thing. The truth? There is no large sacrifice to be made: 99.9% of the monstrosity is just a mental hologram born of the enormity of the reasons to do the right thing, when doing wrong.

Strictly speaking for myself: Whatever reason I had to start smoking (Marlboro Man, basically, but also metaphorically, for I started smoking years before I had ever seen one of those ads on billboards, TV, magazines or anywhere else) has disappeared in a cloud of smoke, so to speak, many years ago. Your concept of a mental hologram stopping me from quitting cigarettes sucks donkey balls. There is one reason, and one reason only why I still smoke, and it is physical - the addictive property of nicotine.