Posted: Feb 07, 2020 4:21 am
by Hermit
SafeAsMilk wrote:You mean the government telling you to stop isn't the thing that keeps you going?

Yeah, well, post #30, wherein KIR states "[Smokers] think "smoking must be sooooo good if the government needs to scream in our faces like this constantly in order to even TRY and make us quit, so if I WERE to quit I'd clearly be giving up something delicious and delightful..." is so absurd, I was going to sneak up to it very gradually and surreptitiously ( Image ) before addressing it explicitly. But now you've spoilt that for me. Thanks a lot, SAM! :rage:

I think KIR's posts in this thread reveal a whole lot more about his current state of mind than whatever he decides to talk about. It's not just the one I cited above. Post #53, in which he describes the idea that one ought to be able to support one's interpretation of someone else's work with relevant quotes from said oeuvre as "fucking stupid", is pretty weird too. Even weirder than throwing a tantrum (Post #42) after you pointed out to him that you had quoted actual words from the author of the material under discussion.