Posted: Mar 27, 2010 3:38 am
by Mayak
I have a friend who tells me that Freud is the guy to know, if you are ever to understand psychology. According to my friend, Freud's theory of personality is the main theory that is used in the field of psychology. Also, psychoanalysis, another theory by Freud, is practically the only way to understand people. And so on and so on.

The whole time he is saying this I am like :what:, because I remember a thread on the old forum that pretty much summed up Freud as an exaggerating liar. And when I tell my friend this I get :o :o followed by :snooty: :snooty: . I try to tell him that a lot of Freud's case studies were made up, and that there is no way the field of psychology uses Freud's dated ideas. But I just come up against a wall every time. Or as my friend puts it: an art form that most people cannot understand :picard:.

Maybe things have changed, and Freud has come back from the dead? :shock:

What I was wondering is, what is the current view on Freud and Freud's ideas. Did Freud hold the field of study back or push it forward? What is the current consensus, in the field of psychology, on Freud's theories?