Posted: Mar 27, 2010 7:06 am
by Mr.Samsa
:lol: If you read the thread on RDF then you know my opinion already..

Unscientific fraudster who contributed almost nothing of value to the field, and if we were to argue that he had an impact on the field, then we have to conclude that it was a negative impact. The problem is that most people have a limited understanding of the history of psychology, so they assume that psychology at Freud's time believed in magical unicorns or alchemy, so Freud (whilst not perfect) was still good for the field in developing a science of human behavior - in reality, however, psychology was in a fairly decent scientific state due to the work of William James, Wilhelm Wundt and Ivan Pavlov, and it was their work that Freud pushed back with his ideas of magical unicorns.

Nobody I've ever spoken to who attended a good university were taught Freud as a serious aspect of psychology. At best, he gets a 10-min mention about how silly we were back then.