Posted: Mar 29, 2010 9:34 am
by Lazar
Agrippina wrote:Yes, I'm not proposing Freud as a valid theory, I just think that not teaching the theory to psych students even if just as history is a little like teaching people to paint without teaching them about art history.

Agreed BUT it is important how it is taught. While knowing the history is extremely important, knowing why the present no longer reflects the past is perhaps even more important. We can teach the history without giving unnecessary credence to unsubstantiated nonsense, particularly when said nonsense is so deeply culturally embedded. As an example I think it is important to teach in psych 101 that homosexuality used to be classed as a disorder, it should however be clearly shown why we no longer hold that nonsensical and bigoted view. I think Freud should similarly be taught to students as a warning on relying on empiricism rather than being seduced by your own imagination.

EDIT: Ah shit Samsa just said the same thing BUT seeing as "unnecessary credence to unsubstantiated nonsense" is probably the best thing I have written in a while I will leave the post in place :grin: