Posted: Mar 29, 2010 1:46 pm
by Agrippina
katja z wrote:
Agrippina wrote:Of course living in a country that was run by Christian Nationalists, religion was the only approved treatment for psychological problems.

:shock: Oh my IPU, did the doctors prescribe prayer and fasting or was it regular bathing in holy water? :crazy:

I guess even Freud's therapy was more effective than that ...

You won't believe it, I have one kid I've worked with who, when he announced that he was gay, was firstly taken to the preacher for prayer, then to a brothel to be taught what "men do" when that didn't work, the guys who he worked with raped him, and then when he started cutting himself, he was sent for more prayer. His parents don't know that he's had outside help which was compulsory when he was hospitalised for a suicide attempt. He then went on a drug-crazed binge of promiscuity and is now HIV+ and his parents still don't know that he's talking to people outside of the church etc. And the church people are still tell him that he is a sinner and now that the HIV thing is his punishment for not staying with god. Poor bloody kid. :roll:

@ Mr S, I've never agreed with AA as a treatment for alcoholism, it's merely replacing one dependency with another.