Posted: Apr 28, 2019 8:27 am
by Thomas Eshuis
Macdoc wrote:That is far too broad a condemnation and smacks of eliteism.

Nope, an accurate analysis and nothing to do with elitsm. Unless you consider being concerned with facts over story to be elitist somehow.

Macdoc wrote:
Some memes do persist but running science stories in popular media is an important conduit. No one has time to keep up with the pace of science and technology in depth.

That's why sites that cover a wide variety of current stories like

and many others are needed and popular. Then readers can burrow in deeper as their time and interests dictate.

None of that refutes the fact that popular science reporting consistently leads to misinformation. I already gave some examples from the field of history, but another great example is the endless stream of popular science articles misrepresenting the results of studies into the health benefits of everything from chocolate to superfoods.

Science should never dwell in ivory towers accessible only to the high priests of academia. :coffee:

How fortunate then that I never advocated any thing like that.
But thank you for providing an excellent example of how superficial reading can lead to misinformation.