Posted: Apr 29, 2019 10:50 pm
by Macdoc
Given what we are learning about animals and especially bird these days anthropomorphizing is becoming less verboten especially with primates and our ancestors..
We are more alike than is sometimes accepted - just reading a fascinating book by Jim Robbins on the wonder of birds and how some birds are analogues for human family relationships with all the secret trysts, given more attention to bio kin than step kin and interfering mothers.

I do not think "isolating" study subjects from our own physiology and psychology is particularly useful practice as one informs the other.


In the Smithsonian seeing the faces and size of the "relations" was eye opening.
I recall being blown away seeing a red hand outline ( blowing ochre around a hand ) that could have been done on a wall in a city yesterday but was actually 26k BP.

I think we need to get our human heads collectively inside our biome and fellow intelligences past and present instead of trying stand above it in some manner.
We are all products of evolution and our "hind brain" is forever old in evolutionary terms and informs perhaps too much of our activities.