Posted: Jan 05, 2013 8:04 pm
by sandinista
Loren Michael wrote:Is that Oliver Stone emblazoned there?

Like Oliver conspiracy theory Stone?

No, that would be Oliver "film maker" Stone. Conspiracy theory? :roll: That doesn't even mean anything.

A video on "The Untold History of the US" posted by sandinista.

I have the strange feeling that it will describe the greatest evil that has ever befell the planet.

...since post ww2...if the shoe fits.

CdesignProponentsist wrote:No. But inaccuracies are no barrier for Oliver Stones "documentaries"

Such as? Examples? What other docs are you referring to?

Cito di Pense wrote:At this point, I'm fascinated by the difference between 'told history' and 'untold history'.

I take that as simply a propagandized version of history vs actual history.

susu.exp wrote:I love early American history (War of Independence, Founding Fathers...ect). So I'll certainly watch the first episode or two to see what he says. Thanks sandi.

It actually doesn't go back that far, starts at ww2 and ends with the present day. i still think you may enjoy it, if you enjoy historical docs that is.

Spearthrower wrote:
I thought this might need to be moved to History... now I am seeing it going somewhere else.

...and where would that be?