Posted: Jun 02, 2016 9:13 pm
by Sendraks
Galactor wrote:And you have the fucking temerity to suggest I am shouting people down and dishing out snide remarks?

I do, because you are and you're doing it now.

Galactor wrote:And you dare ask ME who gives a shit about my opinions before accusing me of condescension?

I do. Although it isn't terribly daring of me to do. I mean, whatcha gonna do in response other than bluster some more.

I'm terrified.

Galactor wrote:ADo you not think I have every right to react in kind to those who blithely dismiss my opinions as "woo" or state that I am talking bollocks without even having inquired how I might support, with evidence, the opinion that I proffered?

Do I care?

Galactor wrote:And you tell me I am shouting people down! Fucking contemptible. Read their remarks and tell me I have no right to react as I have done. Go on, fucking read them or shut up.
Well? Well, do you not fucking well think that? You might look back at their responses and accuse them of the same.


Galactor wrote:That's what you wrote and for shame. Shame! It is nothing short of bigotry.

Hmmm, maybe if you shout bigotry enough times it'l become true?
Perhaps if you weelly, weelly, beweeve?

Galactor wrote:It IS bigotry. Expressing the opinion that no-one should be interested in another mans opinion is bigotry.

If I were to act intolerant of your opinion and tell you to shut up, that would be bigotry.
As it stands, you're free to rant as you wish, that no one need give a shit about your rants, is not bigotry.

Galactor wrote:I am not "blaming" you for any such thing. I am pointing out to you that I have every right to respond in kind to those who blithely dismiss my opinions as you, spearthrower and jamest have done.

And I'm pointing out that we have the right not to give a shit.

Galactor wrote:Go and read their remarks and come back and tell me that I am shouting people down! Go on, fucking read their comments or shut the fuck up.

See, telling me to shut the fuck up for expressing a view, now that is bigoted.

Galactor wrote:IAnd go and re-read your own comments until you realize how disgraceful they are.

You first. If you're capable of such introspection that is.