Posted: Mar 15, 2020 8:11 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Nevets wrote:
Fallible wrote:This is what happens when you are a jerk to enough people, Steven.

I do apologise.
However, you are under no obligation to reply to my threads.

Just like you are under no obligation to:
1. Lie.
2. Misrepresent and misquote people.
3. Make shit up about other forum members.
4. Ask loaded questions.
5. Insist people accommodate you in your rectally extracted fantasies.
and more.
Basically you're under no obligation to troll. :naughty:

Nevets wrote:
If you looked at what the thread was concerning, this would be for people wish to discuss this subject.

Given your consistent dishonesty in the other 4 threads you started last week, there's no reason to assume this thread was started in good faith. :coffee:

Nevets wrote:
Obviously you are I am unable to keep your my animosities and masturbation fantasies to yourself myself.

FIFY. Stop projecting Nevets. :naughty:

Nevets wrote:
It is actually obvious that a number of users on this forum as also sockpuppet accounts.

Bullshit accusation #2342562 :roll:

Nevets wrote:
I thought this was a really good forum.
But unfortunately i have realised Skepticism actually depresses me.

That's your problem, not this forum's or anyone else's. Neither reality nor any person is obligated to accomodate your inane historical fantasies. :naughty:

Nevets wrote:
The people that claim to be skeptics i think are amongst the most rude and obnoxious people i have ever met.
Childish almost.
Still laughing about farts.

Stop projecting Nevets. :naughty: