Posted: Mar 15, 2020 10:17 pm
by Thomas Eshuis
Nevets wrote:
Fallible wrote:
Nevets wrote:
Fallible wrote:Perhaps you expected the members here to cluster around you in admiration when you landed here and immediately started shitting everywhere?

No, i had a heart attack one month ago and came out of hospital 2 weeks ago, and i am signed off for another month. As i used to be "extremely" active in countering conspiracy theorists, conducting debates with the likes of John Strangis the Aids denialist and house of numbers financier, who later changed his mind about Aids being a hoax, though i gave all that up to run my own buisness, i made the mistake when i came out of hosptital to maybe try and spend my time getting over the side effects of pneumonia and pleurisy, i decided to maybe reignite my old interest, so i first looked on the Metabunk forum, but found my views are not consistent with full on debunking, as i found they did not look at both sided of the story, so i looked for something maybe more compatible, so i tried this place.
I liked it, thought it was a great little forum where one could try and have sensible discussions.
I was not looking for friends, nor enemies, nor to form opinions on other users.
I have facebook, real friends, and family for that.
I dont need a skeptic forum to be part of a clique.
However it seems people here have no interest in sticking to the subject matter, nor offering anything worthwhile.
Its all just moan and whinge.
Sorry to have disturbed you with my "Drivel".
I will find somewhere else, where people "do" discuss subjects, and stick to the subject matter.

We’ve been going for over 10 years. There have been some absolutely cracking discussions in that time. I have learned a lot. You may have had the intention you claim. Unfortunately, that is far from the impression you have given. You apparently wanted to start a formal debate, but didn’t bother to find out how to go about it. You were then told this, but just continued on your merry way, constantly making new threads. Since, you have shown no signs whatsoever of wanting to engage in any kind of meaningful discourse, but have instead ticked every single box there is in troll bingo. Finally, you have come to the perfectly sane conclusion that you having had ill tempered, fractious interactions with pretty much everyone who dared post to one of those threads points towards each one of them being immature trolls. You apparently haven’t bothered to ask yourself who the common denominator is. If you thought this was a great little forum, there are reasons for that. That’s if you really did think that. Unfortunately we are at the stage where I wouldn’t believe grass was green if it was you who told me, so I can’t ever know. All I can go by is your behaviour, and that has been an absolute disgrace.

You have been going for 10 years, and you have formed a clique, and this place is not what it was originally intended for, and you are unwelcoming and hostile and patronising to newcomers.

Only those who consistenyly act in bad faith.

Your allegations of trollery is also not warranted.
There are worse things than trollery. Such as abuse, and rude and obnoxious behaviour.

These two statement form a non-sequitur. And since you've engaged in abuse and rude, obnoxious behaviour you're in no position to lecture others. I.o.w. stop projecting Nevets.
Finally, if you're not a troll, you must either be severely mentally or educationally impaired, given the mountain of bullshit and straw-men you've posted.

In threads i made, each and every one of them was derailed and trolled, with lies and underhanded tactics.

Then why did you do all those things, if you find them objectionable.
Stop projecting Nevets. :naughty:

I did not once call any individual any name whatsoever, and i was insulted, mocked et cetera.

You just called me a pratt.
And you've repeatedly insulted and personally attacked others by questioning their intelligence, motives, dilligence, etc. :naughty:

But i am aware of the real reason.

I doubt it, since you keep making up bullshit about others.

It is because i am not biased. I am not a liar.

You've demonstrated extreme bias by insisting on PRATTs and reading things into sources that aren't there.
You're also a liar as you've constantly misrepresented others even after being corrected and by making stuff up about others that is not reflected in their posts.

I am not bought by anyone and i have a mind of my own,

Irellevant straw-man #576643. :coffee:

and if i think Saddam Hussein was innocent, i will say it, even if i do think 9/11 being an inside job is insane.

Thats a non-sequitur in the form of a false dichotomy.

But you have not got the balls. You need to be part of a herd.

Not accepting baseless claim,, has nothing to with bravery or being part of a herd. :roll: