Posted: Mar 16, 2020 1:51 am
by Spearthrower
Nevets wrote:
Fallible wrote:Perhaps you expected the members here to cluster around you in admiration when you landed here and immediately started shitting everywhere?

No, i had a heart attack one month ago and came out of hospital 2 weeks ago, and i am signed off for another month. As i used to be "extremely" active in countering conspiracy theorists, conducting debates with the likes of John Strangis the Aids denialist and house of numbers financier, who later changed his mind about Aids being a hoax, though i gave all that up to run my own buisness, i made the mistake when i came out of hosptital to maybe try and spend my time getting over the side effects of pneumonia and pleurisy, i decided to maybe reignite my old interest, so i first looked on the Metabunk forum, but found my views are not consistent with full on debunking, as i found they did not look at both sided of the story, so i looked for something maybe more compatible, so i tried this place.
I liked it, thought it was a great little forum where one could try and have sensible discussions.
I was not looking for friends, nor enemies, nor to form opinions on other users.
I have facebook, real friends, and family for that.
I dont need a skeptic forum to be part of a clique.
However it seems people here have no interest in sticking to the subject matter, nor offering anything worthwhile.
Its all just moan and whinge.
Sorry to have disturbed you with my "Drivel".
I will find somewhere else, where people "do" discuss subjects, and stick to the subject matter.

While I hope you get better soon, the concept of you being a leading light in the countering of conspiracy theories makes me laugh uproariously.

All the rest is just you preening.