Posted: Dec 05, 2022 1:48 pm
by Wortfish
Spearthrower wrote:
Wortfish wrote:Some Near Eastern ancestry is probably there, but it is unclear from where exactly.

Well, from the near East. Remind me of what modern nations might be described as being in the near East?

I meant where in the Near East: The Levant? Egypt? Anatolia? Mesopotamia? Persia?

Anyway, the data from this study aligns with that of a previous study: The origin of Eastern European Jews revealed by autosomal, sex chromosomal and mtDNA polymorphisms

EEJ are closer to Italians in particular and to Europeans in general than to the other Jewish populations. The similarity of EEJ to Italians and Europeans is also supported by the X chromosomal haplogroups......The close genetic resemblance to Italians accords with the historical presumption that Ashkenazi Jews started their migrations across Europe in Italy and with historical evidence that conversion to Judaism was common in ancient Rome.