Posted: Dec 05, 2022 3:06 pm
by Wortfish
Spearthrower wrote:[
This is exactly why people are always asked to cite papers, and why Creationists usually go far out of their way to avoid it.

You are confusing the natural caution of the researchers with the actual genetic data. Whatever "Middle Eastern ancestry" is present among AJs can easily be explained by the fact that Italians themselves have such ancestry, especially in the South.

Let me just go through the Y-chromosomal data for which 10 persons had enough SNPs to categorize by haplogroup:

4: R1b
3: J2
1: J1
1: E1b
1: T

R1b is the dominant haplogroup for most western europeans. J2 is found amongst people in Southern Europe and the Near East. T is a rare haplogroup that is found in Italy and Iran but also in the Levant to a lesser extent. J1 and E1b are common the Levant, and rare in most of Europe, but the former is found at very high levels in the Caucasus and the latter amongst Greeks. So, even though it is still a small sample, it reflects a population that clearly has ancestry mostly from Europe and not from the Levant. This is what you would have expected had the Erfurt Jews been descended from the ancient Judaeans:

4: J1
3: Elb
1: J2
1: G2
1: R1b