Posted: Dec 05, 2022 3:07 pm
by Spearthrower
Well, you're clearly lying.

Spearthrower wrote: ... 7422013782

We caution that the specific identity of the source populations that we inferred, as well as the admixture proportions, should not be considered precise. This is due to the multiple Southern European populations that fit the EAJ data, as well as our reliance on modern populations as a proxy of the true ancestral sources. The levels of Middle Eastern ancestry in Italy were historically variable (Aneli et al., 2021; Antonio et al., 2019; De Angelis et al., 2021; Posth et al., 2021; Raveane et al., 2019), and Middle Eastern populations have also experienced demographic changes in the past two millennia, particularly African admixture (Moorjani et al., 2011) (Data S1, section 16). Under the extensive set of models we studied, the ME ancestry in EAJ is estimated in the range 19%–43% and the Mediterranean European ancestry in the range 37%–65%. However, the true ancestry proportions could be higher or lower than implied by these ranges (Data S1, section 16). Our results therefore should only be interpreted to suggest that AJ ancestral sources have links to populations living in Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East today.

Your lie: non-Levantine origins of Ashkenazi Jews.

What they state clearly: this data cannot be used to identify the source population of the Ashkenazi Jews.

It's not just a lie, it's a brazen lie because you went through the sham of citing a paper as if it supports you when the writers of the paper explicitly state that their data cannot be used in the way you're trying to use it for the list of reasons given.

Obviously, you lying is not something I imagine the website will do anything about despite having proscriptions against misrepresenting information, but were I to call you a liar, I would receive warnings for it.

So I will just point out that you are very clearly lying. Not that you are a liar, which is someone incapable of telling the truth, merely lying in this instance, along with the many other instances of lying I've seen you engage in, almost as if there's a pattern of lying that could be summarized with application of a noun.

It's hard to know whether this is something that Creationism does to peoples' brains, or whether it's just that people lacking intellectual and moral integrity are naturally drawn to Creationism.