Posted: Dec 05, 2022 3:15 pm
by The_Metatron
Wortfish wrote:
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Spearthrower wrote:The paper you're citing does not support confident conclusions.

Despite this being underlined for you so you can't miss it, you still insist that you are correct.

You are confused by the fact that in science all results are presented as tentative and provisional. But all the evidence points in one direction. I have looked at the data, and it unmistakably shows that the Jews of Erfurt were mostly Italian in origin with a substantial Eurasian contribution. Some Near Eastern ancestry is probably there, but it is unclear from where exactly.

It would also make me wonder why the strange interest in the origin of Jews - I mean, history provides ample examples of Christians being manically vicious twerps to Jews. Perhaps that's unfair of me to link you to that, but you don't seem interested for purely academic reasons, else you wouldn't be claiming a paper that goes out of its way to talk about competing 'plausible models' supports such confident contentions. And you've not taken the opportunity yet to explain what it is that does interest you here.

The origins of Ashkenazi Jews is a subject of considerable debate. 20 years ago, researchers claimed that they had found genetic evidence that AJs were blood brothers with Arabs, and so were likely descended from Judaeans who migrated out of Palestine. However, as more studies were conducted, it became clear this was a false interpretation and that AJs likely had origins within Europe. This paper is the latest in overturning the mythological claim that Jews are really Judaeans in exile.
I thought this forum was a place for debunking stuff? Do you believe all Jews are descended from Jacob via Abraham?

I’m not Jewish. The question itself is ridiculous and irrelevant to how I interact with people who are.

You keep dodging the question put to you: Why do you care?