Posted: Dec 05, 2022 4:32 pm
by Wortfish
Spearthrower wrote:
It's not just a lie, it's a brazen lie because you went through the sham of citing a paper as if it supports you when the writers of the paper explicitly state that their data cannot be used in the way you're trying to use it for the list of reasons given.

Obviously, you lying is not something I imagine the website will do anything about despite having proscriptions against misrepresenting information, but were I to call you a liar, I would receive warnings for it.

So I will just point out that you are very clearly lying. Not that you are a liar, which is someone incapable of telling the truth, merely lying in this instance, along with the many other instances of lying I've seen you engage in, almost as if there's a pattern of lying that could be summarized with application of a noun.

You are mouthing off things which you don't understand: ... 2-mmc1.pdf

Modern Italians themselves have had much higher proportions of ME admixture since at least European Imperial
Roman times
and this is especially the case in modern Southern Italy.....AJ may have no ancestry at all from the ancient Levant. This could be the case if an unsampled Italian population (with more Levantine-like admixture than in modern South-Italians) is the source of all the Levantine-like ancestry seen in AJ...Co-analysis of ancient DNA data from the Middle East and the Italian peninsula fromAntiquity and the early Medieval period would make it possible to distinguish them

What they mean is that Italians have ME ancestry, and that to determine if the AJs from Erfurt got their "Levantine-like" genes from Italains with ME ancestry, or directly from Levantines, would require further analysis using ancient/medieval DNA. In any case, the data - which you refuse to examine/discuss - shows clearly that Southern and Eastern European DNA make up most of the ancestry of the Jews from Erfurt. There is even evidence of some East Asian ancestry on the mitochondrial side.