Posted: Dec 05, 2022 4:58 pm
by Spearthrower
i) the specific identify of the source populations is not precise
ii) the admixture proportions are not precise
iii) multiple populations fit the data set
iv) middle Eastern ancestry was historically variable
v) modern populations were used, not ancient ones
vi) demographic changes across 2000 years make using modern population data as a proxy complicated

Consequently, the proportions of ancestry could be out by extremely large factors that they cannot rule out.

Thus, the data in this paper should only be interpreted within the paradigm of this Ashkenazi Jewish group (i.e. the sample set of 30 odd individuals) links to contemporary populations, not past ones.

You can't keep yammering on about how I am the one not understanding when your thread title is explicitly false and cannot be determined by the data in this paper even if all the variables were corrected for.

It's utter bullshit, and you're not just lying brazenly, but you're stupidly trying to gaslight me and pretend I am just not getting it despite the fact that what you are contending is directly contradictory to what the authors wrote, and despite the fact that I immediately noticed all the information you ignored to cherrypick the bits you fancied.

White supremacism or just age-old Christian anti-semitism?