Posted: Dec 06, 2022 7:28 pm
by Wortfish
Spearthrower wrote:
Even laying aside this core point about founder effects (literally the title and point of the study), the text above again directly contradicts your lie.

The age of the founder effect is a separate part of the study as are the diseases identified.

Genetic evidence supports a mixed Middle Eastern (ME) and European (EU) ancestry in AJ.

The authors do claim that, but the average contribution of ME ancestry is calculated as just 20%

Nothing remotely suggests or supports the claim that Ashkenazi Jews do not have ethnic origins shared with other Jews in the Levant.

You mean other peoples in the Levant. The genetic data consists of some "Levantine-like" ancestry which is actually found in other parts of the Middle East (like Egypt) and which may have been brought to Southern Europe a long time ago.

Rather, the study shows how, after multiple population bottlenecks and founder effects, one particular group of Jews migrated from one part of Europe into the HRE and became the population we define today as Ashkenazi Jews, that can be traced back to this point due to the founder effect distinguishing them from their parent population, and thanks to this particular group's cultural practices of endogamy, they retained those distinguishing genes.

From Italy, not the Levant.

No one at all ever suggested that, for example, the Erfurt Jews migrated directly from the Levant to the middle of Germany, similarly, no one ever suggested that Jewish populations couldn't have existed all across the Mediterranean and Middle East for generations accruing local genes from admixture. History already knows through ample evidence that Jews underwent multiple diasporas, multiple population bottlenecks, multiple forced resettlements over a thousand and more years.

The authors admit the possibility that AJs are mainly descended from Europeans who converted to Judaism.