Posted: Dec 27, 2011 5:38 am
by Ergaster
cjoe1994 wrote:I have nothing against disabled people, but if someone can't work and has no one to work for them, why is their life so important? How is it fair that money is wasted on people who aren't particularly useful for much at all when money could easily be spent to save productive and important people and improve their quality of life?

Why not just humanely kill/"murder" them?

It's great to see that someone finally had the courage to speak out against our "compassionate" society with all of its "moral values" and "empathy." Our society's reckless policies regarding the disabled should come to an end so that those of us who can work, do work, and will clearly always be able to work can have moderately more money and stuff. Those people who need food and shelter but are unable to work for it due to severe injury, illness, etc, can just go fuck themselves; I want more stuff.

Unfortunately, I think you're being a bit soft. For instance, what about all of those orphaned toddlers and young children who live off our society's welfare system? You don't think that we productive and important people should be responsible for them do you? We weren't the ones that had them, and I don't think we should be responsible for paying for their care. They shouldn't be exempted from work due to their young age; if they have the dexterity to eat Cheerios then they have the ability to sort bolts. I want more stuff, because I work and I'm important.