Posted: Dec 27, 2011 6:00 am
by Precambrian Rabbi
cjoe1994 wrote:I have nothing against disabled people, but if someone can't work and has no one to work for them, why is their life so important? How is it fair that money is wasted on people who aren't particularly useful for much at all when money could easily be spent to save productive and important people and improve their quality of life?

Why not just humanely kill/"murder" them?

To take your OP in good faith cjoe99, and to avoid getting bogged down in discussion of morals or origins of altruism by addressing it purely in terms of self interest -

Do you think your quality of life, as a productive and important person (a construction worker, perhaps), would be improved or impaired by the knowledge that you were always one spinal injury away from involuntary euthanasia?