Posted: Feb 22, 2012 12:20 pm
by chairman bill
rainbow wrote:
chairman bill wrote:I'm with Skolomowski -
The cosmos or the universe is a primordial ontological datum, while the 'world' is an epistemological construct, a form of our understanding.

There are absolute truths, we just don't necessarily know what they are

How do you know this?

Oh dear. Is it not obvious? The cosmos is as it is. If it was different, it wouldn't be the same as it is now. If the speed of light is the fastest speed in the cosmos, it's the fastest speed. That would be an absolute truth. If the fastest speed something could move was faster than the speed of light, that would be an absolute truth. We think we know that the fastest a thing can move is at the speed of light, but we might be wrong. Our state of knowledge doesn't negate the fact of there being an absolute cosmic state regarding speed, even if the truth is that there is no upper speed at which something can move.

Now unless you're going to offer some wibble about the fastest speed being different at all points of time & space, including being different in the same point of time & space ... but even if that was true ... well hopefully you can see where that leads us.