Posted: Feb 23, 2012 7:07 am
by maik
Some good- classic for philosophy- questions there, Stalidon.
I won't focus on religion, like most, but on philosophy.
The question at hand is, how can you be sure that you know The Truth, so you are qualified to "force" it on others?
In few words, i think that the answer is, you can't know The Truth, but you ought to fight for your beliefs at a degree. One with a viewpoint oughts to be a bit "extremistic". Ideally, we must back up our opinion with passion, while trying to keep a cold, open mind. Not very easy.
The father of "measure" (as in, "all in good measure"), Aristotle, while he supported that The Truth lies "in the middle", he also supported that who ever finds it, should extremely insist on it. Of course the question is, how you know you found it?
I think Aristotle meant that you should insist on your position on the measure that you are sure of it and you know what you are talking about. How much open- minded you are, in order to be able to reconsider your position, is something that, i think, is not up to you.
In real life, being extremely moderate serves nothing, while arguing favors progress.