Posted: Mar 07, 2012 1:53 pm
by VazScep
mizvekov wrote:
VazScep wrote:Ah yes. It's been a long time since I've coded in C++.

It's worth noting that the language has gotten much better with the latest standard, and it deserves a new look at.

But it seems you left it for a higher plane of existance. Been learning Haskell myself too, but that hasn't been going too fast because I could never bring myself to justify using it for (paid) work.
If I don't get a post-doc position, I'm planning to go into industry. There's work out there using strongly typed functional languages (a friend of mine codes in Ocaml for a living, which would be awesome).

But I wouldn't say I've left the C++ world forever. I'm pretty confident that I'd still have fun being a C++/Java/C# programmer, and I'm pretty sure I could get excited about learning C++ properly, with all the Boost libraries, and any cool shit that's in the latest standard. There's also C#, though, which takes a lot of inspiration from the functional world and from Haskell (LINQ is just monads underneath).

I actually left C++, Java and C# behind when I discovered languages in the Lisp family (Smalltalk and Common Lisp in particular) and I came to the conclusion that static typing was stupid. Then about a year into my phd I discovered the ML family of languages, and I'm now pretty obsessed with types. I think now I'd rather code in C++ than I would in an untyped language.