Posted: Mar 10, 2012 12:10 pm
by VazScep
stalidon wrote:Yeah, as I said... it depends on how CS-literate your boss turns up to be. Perhaps it's better now than it used to be. The 'industry' in the US seemed to suck pretty much, hence Dilbert. ;)
A friend of mine recently posted a joke on Google+ talking about what CS-literate programming bosses are looking for in their employees. Having a phd was considered a strike against you :ill:

I've been told that programming managers can be complete shite, often having been pulled in from projects unrelated to IT. Last time I got a job offer through an agency, I was told how great it was going to be working under the management of expert programmers. The agent said he'd recently put a bunch of applicants into positions where the management didn't let employees talk to one another, or as he assumed "distract one another."

Then there is that whole "mythical man-month" of managerial incompetence. This project will take 10 man-months. Okay, I'll set 20 people on it, and we'll be done in a fortnight! :drunk: