Posted: Mar 10, 2012 12:45 pm
by VazScep
jamest wrote:This is probably a stupid question, but why are there so many programming languages? Why not just use one?
Why don't we just have the one operating system, or the one web-browser, or the one GUI framework, or the one database system, or the one political party or the one religion? The answer is because people are ignorant and can't think for themselves, and they usually just stick to the first bit of crap that they learn as kids, or the nonsense they got from their college professors. If there was any sense in the world, we'd all be using Gentoo Linux, w3m, programming in ML with Ocsigen using mysql, and we'd all be voting for the Green Party and believing in Zeus.

Seriously, it's just that in computing, like with so many things, we haven't figured out how to definitively solve our problems. But it hasn't stopped people coming up with more and more solutions and gathering more and more adherents around them.

For myself, the only heated and highly unpleasant conversations I've had in the pub with friends have been about programming. Don't bring that shit up at the dinner table.