Posted: Mar 13, 2012 3:57 pm
by VazScep
stalidon wrote:
VazScep wrote:Generally, you're better off on Linux. In fact, the only reason I started using Linux and Emacs in the first place was because I was getting into Lisp.

Ok, maybe cygwin as a compromise?
If you want to start downloading Lisp libraries with the standard packaging tool (asdf-install), you won't have a choice. You need Cygwin to get it to work.

I'll have emacs with that. Or do you know any acceptable Lisp 'IDE' for win32?
Corman Lisp has a full IDE. The two commercial Lisps (Allegro and Lispworks) both have IDEs complete with GUI builders. You should be able to get a month trial on each.

I've only used Allegro, and in some senses, the Allegro IDE is a state-of-the-art GUI in a state-of-the-art Lisp. It's based on the same model that was used at Xerox Parcs when designing the original graphical IDE (in particular, the entire IDE is just a bunch of classes and functions that are part of a saved runtime image --- I'd love to expand on that, because it's such a cool idea).

PS: Once I got it installed, how would I go about creating pink fractal flowers?
(create-fractal 'pink 'flower)