Posted: Mar 20, 2012 11:12 am
by Sigillum Militum
VazScep wrote:I'm much more hopeful about F#, which has made far fewer concessions to the OO world and looks far more like an ML dialect.

F# is virtually the same as OCaml, which is my FP language of choice. (Haskell is just as impractical as all hell.)

Note that while OCaml's name implies object orientation, no one is forcing you to use the object system. The standard library, as far as I know, doesn't use it, and neither do a lot of major third party libraries, like ocamlgraph and Batteries. You can "subclass" certain modules with functors though.

VazScep wrote:If it makes sense to say, I find Common Lisp far too powerful.

In that the de facto standard runs over 1,000 pages, I guess CL is powerful in the sense that it has a lot of features but I never did understand people who think they're Jedi knights because they use it. CL is a bloated, ugly, design-by-committee language.