Posted: Mar 21, 2012 3:29 am
by mizvekov
epepke wrote:As I don't remember his name, I doubt he was all that influential in whether people liked or disliked LISP.

Well he was prominent in the late nineties and early 2000's, when LISP was starting to gain popularity again after the AI winter.
Were you still into LISP by that time?

epepke wrote:Another thing: When I was in my first "LISP is really cool," I argued with someone. She said that LISP was a totally hardware-independent language. I pointed out that CAR and CDR stood for "contents of the address/decrement register," which were a specific implementation. There have been some attempts to use FIRST and REST, but they never caught on.

So, was it common for many implementations at the time that you could overflow the bounds of a list with CDR, or was bounds checking normally to be expected?
epepke wrote:The things that bugged me about LISP was how SNUMS depended on word size and were always shorter than the word size. I think that Scheme is superior in this regard, as it has exact and inexact numbers rather than number type/length.

Why did it have to be shorter than word size, they needed some bits to represent some internal states?