Posted: Mar 21, 2012 4:54 am
by mizvekov
epepke wrote:I still liked it (still do), but I was more interested in getting Scheme with quaternions running.

I see, well Erik was really a CL guy from what I remember.

epepke wrote:Not quite sure what you're asking. It was common for CAR and CDR of NIL to return NIL.

Well that answers my question, but on retrospect I think now that my question was stupid, because lists would be too hard to use otherwise.

epepke wrote:It was normal to use a single addressing word for everything. In a typical implementation, bit 0 was 0 for a pointer to a dotted pair, and 1 for everything else. With a 32-bit word, SNUMS could, at most, use 31 bits for the number. Typically, it was smaller than that, because you need other bits for atoms, strings, arrays, and so on.

Yeah I imagined something like that. Still, unless you were doing some fixed point math with them, 31/30 bits per int is not that bad :)