Posted: Apr 14, 2012 7:01 pm
by Regina
Destroyer wrote:
Regina wrote:
Destroyer wrote:
Regina wrote:Sorry, Cito. I was distracted. I meant, we needn't explain the origin of consciousness, because we already know its origin, and an X entity isn't necessary in that explanation.

You already know its origin?; that's news to me. Please enlighten me.

To be more precise, I know from where my consciousness originates. I don't talk about consciousness in the abstract. I'm a too practical for that. Plus, I'm not given to intellectual wankery.

So from where exactly does your consciousness originate?

It's a function of my brain. Once there was no Regina-brain, so no Regina-consciousness.
Sooner or later (I really hope later) there will be no more Regina-brain, and also no Regina-consciousness. Or are you suggesting, my former Regina-consciousness will be floating around in space looking for a new host?
I'm happy enough with this definition, as long as no one comes up with a better one:
"consciousness is the sum of the electrical discharges occurring throughout the nervous system of a being at any given instant"

by the biochemist Roc Ordman. ... rocdef.htm