Posted: Apr 14, 2012 11:14 pm
by Destroyer
Regina wrote:
Destroyer wrote:

Ask Cito what blind signals are? I do believe that he is a scientist.

If you do not have any awareness of one who behaves by deliberation then so be it. If you are not aware of how there is a distinction between blind impulses and deliberation, again, so be it.

You either examine the behaviour of the consciousness associated with your own brain, or you continue to read books and believe in foolishness. The choice is yours.

You can't explain the words you use?
I'm not talking about my anecdotal experience of how people behave. I'm talking of the application of the scientific method.
I don't believe in anything. I know, or don't know, sometimes I assume, or hope or fear. I don't believe.
So are you going to answer my questions or not?

No! I shall leave you to stew.