Posted: Apr 15, 2012 11:33 am
by Destroyer
Cito di Pense wrote:
Destroyer wrote:
Flawed logic. It is possible that there is no immunity.

For working in this forum, I wear a special Borsalino fedora lined with aluminum foil, expressly for the purpose of keeping out flawed logic. I won't reveal any details of the design of my undershorts, but I do have to protect future generations from this awful scourge.

Little Idiot wrote: But I am trying to show you the difference between what it seems like and what you know.

We can not observe X-rays directly. We can observe the effects of X-rays, and conclude X-rays exist without observing them.
Please answer this question with a direct simple response.
Do you believe X-rays exist?

It's the Flawed-Logic Rays (FLR) that you really have to watch out for. Invisible, silent. Tasteless, in a manner of speaking.

I guess that we should all be extremely grateful to have your wisdom policing this forum.

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