Posted: Apr 19, 2012 8:15 am
by VazScep
lobawad wrote:Let's have idealism, solipsism, pick your ism, jettison your jism, expressed in a non-verbal manner.

As this is an internet forum, links to other media would be fine, and verbal descriptions of non-verbal expressions will patently have to do in certain cases. For example, to a claim that I do not exist, I would propose that I smack you upside the head as a counterargument, and so on.

Do a dance, drop your pants, plant some plants, toot your flute.

By "verbal" I'm specifically referring to what is known as "natural language". Math or some symbolic logic is fine- if you claim that A > ~A, let's see your supporting argument in the same symbolic language, and of course "natural language" explanation for those less versed in those languages is fine, as long as what is expressed is expressed in that symbolic language.

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Intuitionism. From wikipedia

In the philosophy of mathematics, intuitionism, or neointuitionism (opposed to preintuitionism), is an approach to mathematics as the constructive mental activity of humans. That is, mathematics does not consist of analytic activities wherein deep properties of existence are revealed and applied. Instead, logic and mathematics are the application of internally consistent methods to realize more complex mental constructs.
Here's some symbols to go with it:

Γ ⊢ f : P → Q, Δ ⊢ x : P => Γ, Δ ⊢ f x : Q

Γ, x : P ⊢ y : Q => Γ ⊢ λx. y : P → Q

For more, check out Martin Loef's Constructive Type Theory.