Posted: May 15, 2012 9:05 pm
by SpeedOfSound
VazScep wrote:
SpeedOfSound wrote:Buffer overflow a crime? :nono: It's a fucking artform! Like stack redirection and overlaying. Damn. Kids today...

In reference to your post in emergence why is theorem-proving important?
One of things I am trying to say in that thread is that if importance is measured in numbers of bent-spoons, I'm failing to measure up. Programming wants to be engineering, but like religion and philosophy, it ends up being a popularity contest.

How do you feel about strong typing? If you're a fan, there's some seriously fucking cool stuff I can talk about, and it ties in beautifully with theorem proving. Otherwise, you'll find it kind of stupid.

I am completely torn between two poles on strong typing. As long as you can over-ride everything the I am a fan. I came up with c and loved the ability to create my own little creature classes and do anything with them. I remember Pascal had frustrated me horribly. I used to call object programming 'granularity' before it cam to be a pop concept and I isolated my grains completely. Of course with c you only agreed to follow the rules, like gentlemen. I wanted to take the first compiler that insisted on following them and throw it against the wall!

I would like to dig into some of these new languages but not sure if I have the time. Tell me a about a pretty thing or two. I've got my head inside medium densely spiny neurons right now so I will probably disappoint you.