Posted: Apr 26, 2013 6:57 pm
by Chrisw
In metaphysics naturalism is perhaps most obviously akin to materialism, but it does not have to be materialistic. What it insists on is that the world of nature should form a single sphere without incursions from outside by souls or spirits, divine or human

How is a soul or spirit different from a non-material mind as believed in by dualists and idealists?

But it need not reject the phenomena of consciousness, nor even identify them somehow with material phenomena, as the materialist must, provided they can be studied via the science of psychology, which can itself be integrated into the other sciences.

Most physicalists don't reject the phenomenon of consciousness either and they don't generally identify consciousness with specific material phenomena (identity theory).

So naturalism is compatible with physicalism and not with dualism or idealism. Most people mean physicalism when they say materialism these days.