Posted: Mar 18, 2014 12:08 am
by Philosofer123
DrWho wrote:
Philosofer123 wrote:Over the past few years, I have formulated my philosophy of life, a 13-page document that may be found at either of the following links:

In the first half of the document, I present and defend the following positions: atheism, afterlife skepticism, free will impossibilism, moral skepticism, existential skepticism and negative hedonism. The second half of the document is devoted to ways to achieve and maintain peace of mind.

I have found the entire exercise to be very beneficial personally, and I hope that you will benefit from reading the document.

I am posting my philosophy to solicit constructive feedback so that it may be improved. I welcome any constructive criticism that you may have.


I don't have many objections to your philosophy of life except perhaps the moral position. I think that morality is important even if it does not come from anything supernatural. Morality is necessary for peaceful co-existence. Ultimately it's about respect and empathy for others.

Agreed. And on pages 11-12, I develop my own guidelines for behavior that are based on empathy and long-range self-interest. In fact, even for those with little or no empathy, considerations of long-range self-interest alone can promote pro-social behavior (again, see pages 11-12).