Posted: Jun 08, 2014 12:20 pm
by Keep It Real
Keep It Real wrote:
hackenslash wrote:What a fucking waste of time.

I wouldn't say that - Philosopher123's exposition of the "no personal responsibility" argument has informed me as to just what a horrible outlook that entails. Very enlightening. I'd rather choose to take proper responsibility for my actions than be lost to a world of indifferent apathy where there's no such thing as self-esteem. Fucking good thread I reckon.

Well, that didn't stick. I still don't believe in personal responsibility or free will. It's just not something one can "choose" to believe in - like Pascal's Wager, the fatal flaw is that one has no freedom to choose what one believes about anything; one's beliefs are based on neurological states entirely beyond our control. This fact resonates well with the theme of no personal responsibility pervading this thread - we're biological robots incapable of thinking outside the constraints of our influences.

I guess I pretty well agree with your philosophy of life OP, except that I find the logical elimination of self-esteem to be very uncomfortable to the point that I can't deem the philosophy to be positive overall ATM.