Posted: Jan 11, 2016 3:28 pm
by Sendraks
Scot Dutchy wrote: You are purely misrepresenting me and I hope the mods take note.

What you think is your opinion. I hope the mods take note.

Scot Dutchy wrote:What do you think you are talking on this thread a load of crap. Just like another couple of members are.

As ever anyone who disagrees with Scot is talking crap. Wah wah fucking wah.
If you can't deal with people disagreeing with you Scot, you really should give discussion forums a miss.

Scot Dutchy wrote:Such judgemental twaddle.
What is the problem with judging your parenting style Scot? If you are so bothered about people expressing opinions on such things, don't fucking post them.

This is a discussion forum.
Not an "everyone must fucking agree with Scot always" forum.

Scot Dutchy wrote: You are not even a parent.

Irrelevant. But I know full well that you will come up with any number of fatuous reasons to weasel out of listening to what others have to say.