Posted: Jan 11, 2016 3:48 pm
by Sendraks
Scot Dutchy wrote:What? FFS Fucking judgemental twaddle of the worst order.

It is disagreement scot. That you choose to dismiss their posts out of hand and result to calling them "judgemental twaddle" is typical of your MO. That's all you do. All you have ever done, when faced with anyone here disagreeing with you.

Scot Dutchy wrote:Messrs Prim and Proper who think they are the only ones who know how to bring up children.

They made no such claims and professed to no such position. They merely critiqued your approach. Which they were perfectly justified in doing, given that you posted it on a discussion forum.

Scot Dutchy wrote: A bloody load of crap. Where is the insult?

Calling them the "yummy mummy brigade" is the insult. Or do you deny that the comment below was directed at Fall, Doubt and myself?

Scot Dutchy wrote: I just love how the yummy mummy brigade just love to condemn anyone who thinks outside their box.

You've incorrectly assumed that anyone disagreeing with you advocates for a form of parenting that you describe as "yummy mummy." You have described those posters as being part of the "yummy mummy brigade."

Whereas you will note that your interlocutors have described your parenting methods as "Victorian" rather than yourself.