Posted: Jan 11, 2016 4:12 pm
by Sendraks
Scot Dutchy wrote:Could not care what they are advocating

You apparently cared enough to present arguments that implied they were advocating for a position and you cared enough to level an insult at your interlocutors in the process.

Scot Dutchy wrote: but to call what I have done as disgusting is very provocative and very judgemental.

Judgemental yes - but then this is a discussion forum and people are allowed to post their opinions of what others post. You posted about your parenting style and some of us did not look favourably on your approach. This is perfectly acceptable for a discussion forum.

As to why those judgements should be "disgusting" I don't see why. I can understand that you might be disgusted at people disagreeing with you, but that does not make their disagreements disgusting in and of themselves.