Posted: Jan 15, 2016 7:50 pm
by The_Metatron
Andrew4Handel wrote:
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Fallible wrote:I think there might be a case for saying maybe they shouldn't have had children, but one cannot put the genie back in the bottle. Also, I'd want to see what your siblings felt about their experience and about whether it was worth the life they have now, which I don't see how we can obtain. Certainly my view is that if you're not good with kids and you don't want to put any effort into making their lives enjoyable, it would be irresponsible to have any.

I am offended your use of the word "maybe". Do you seriously think my parents should have had children? Their parenting has caused problems for all their children not just me. Did you really think after the account I gave that my siblings all turned into successful, fulfilled, happy thriving adults? They were severely held back from fulfilling their potential. Any happiness is in spite of my parents, not due to it.

It is not simply "irresponsible" to have children that are harmed but rather abusive.

However Andrew, we've been here before. Even you consider your continued life to be the best option, or you wouldn't be here.

This is a ridiculous point. Do you think people must be enjoying life if they haven't committed suicide? I have attempted suicide in the past by overdose and felt suicidal for long periods and have been depressed for over twenty years. I feel suicidal now. I wake up feeling terrible and spend the day recovering from that feeling.

A lot of people have a fear of death. Killing yourself is not an easy straightforward option once you find life very hard. It is not just like clicking and off switch. One woman in America tried to commit suicide by pouring petrol on herself and setting fire to herself. But she survived and then lived with severe burns and the ensuing pain.

You and others are in complete denial about the amount of pain that you are expecting people to cope with and that you are inflicting along with society which is comprised of people like you.

The fact that people think suicide is a reasonable or easy solution to anything shows either a complete callousness, or frivolity or lack of empathy.

Essentially you are simply asserting that people have a right to harm other people because you believe the harm is okay when accompanied by "Joy".

What the blue fuck are you babbling about here? She asserted no such thing.

You know, you have two choices. Get busy living, or punch out. If you don't choose to punch out, quit your fucking whining and fix your problems. Help exists. Get some.

I'll risk speaking for everyone here and say we're pretty tired of hearing from you on this topic.