Posted: Jan 15, 2016 8:05 pm
by The_Metatron
Andrew4Handel wrote:
The_Metatron wrote:I'll risk speaking for everyone here and say we're pretty tired of hearing from you on this topic.

No one is forcing you to come on the thread are they?

I think peoples immediate reactions to antinatalism are to ignore any of the arguments and get hysterical essentially.

Regardless of the emotive side there is a largely theoretical argument about whether we have a right to have children and what the consequences or ramifications are. There is also the issue of the value of life and whether we have rights per se.

Sure it will be emotional distressing to think you might harmed your child but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

I haven't got any intention of harming a child if I were to have one. My antinatalism is not based on motives and intentions but the real outcomes. I am not willing to create a child when his or her existence is not necessary and I am not willing to gamble with them suffering. I am not willing to use a child to make myself happier etc.

I really wish we lived in a Disney World paradise of pleasure but unfortunately life contains suffering and other dilemmas. I am not willing to hide suffering from view to make other people feel they live in a better world than they do.

Then, don't procreate. Simple. Problem solved.

Sure, there are people who are less qualified to procreate than others. Who's going to judge? You? Me? Fuck that.

Antinatalism. What a load of shit. It's nothing more than a mechanism by which you whine about how miserable you are.