Posted: Jan 15, 2016 8:10 pm
by Andrew4Handel
laklak wrote:Fortunately not everyone is as fucked up as your parents, a4h.

But there is no system in place or societal pressure to stop this type of parenting. Any parent however well intentioned can seriously harm a child.

Peoples outright hostility to challenging peoples right to have children is hardly going to encourage reflective parenting.

I do resent the fact that I may have to kill myself because living becomes totally unbearable. I would prefer to stick a round and create mayhem than become an anonymous victim.

If I or someone else does kill themselves, that in itself spread suffering further because it leaves grieving friends and relatives and angry landlords. Some friends and family go onto kill themselves after experiencing someone they care about commiting suicide.

If people didn't have children we would all just die and that would be that. What is the point of prolonging life? if death means personal oblivion you aren't going to know that you or your children existed? Having children does seem like a way of prolonging life and death avoidance. So that on your deathbed you are surrounded by life and activity and it doesn't seem final. IMO.. Maybe depressing but my real thoughts..... :?

Having less children and decreasing the worlds population is a positive goal in itself.