Posted: Jan 17, 2016 10:30 am
by Fallible
Andrew4Handel wrote:
Fallible wrote:

I think there might be a case for saying maybe they shouldn't have had children, but one cannot put the genie back in the bottle. Also, I'd want to see what your siblings felt about their experience and about whether it was worth the life they have now, which I don't see how we can obtain. Certainly my view is that if you're not good with kids and you don't want to put any effort into making their lives enjoyable, it would be irresponsible to have any.

I am offended your use of the word "maybe".

Really, I'm not interested that you're offended, so please don't bother to tell me again. I imagine you're one of those people who spend their lives offended by just about everything.
Do you seriously think my parents should have had children?

Oh, calm down. The only source of information about their parenting is you, and you have shown yourself to be somewhat less reliable than I would like. It would be stupid to make any kind of concrete statement about this on only your input. And stop making things up. I didn't say your parents should have had children, let alone 'really think' it.

Their parenting has caused problems for all their children not just me.

Sorry, I don't trust only your word. That's why I said I'd need to see what your siblings had to say, which will never happen.

Did you really think after the account I gave that my siblings all turned into successful, fulfilled, happy thriving adults?

No, I didn't even say it, let alone 'really think' it. I only know what you say here, and that I don't believe anyway.

They were severely held back from fulfilling their potential. Any happiness is in spite of my parents, not due to it.

Cool story bro.

It is not simply "irresponsible" to have children that are harmed but rather abusive.

What a wonderfully woolly utterance.

However Andrew, we've been here before. Even you consider your continued life to be the best option, or you wouldn't be here.

This is a ridiculous point. Do you think people must be enjoying life if they haven't committed suicide?

Again, this is why I think you're trolling. You are apparently intelligent, and yet you point blank refuse to engage with what is actually in front of you, preferring to manufacture your own opposition to argue with. You're lucky you haven't yet been had up for misrepresentation. Quote me. Where did I say that people must be enjoying life if they haven't committed suicide?

I have attempted suicide in the past by overdose and felt suicidal for long periods and have been depressed for over twenty years. I feel suicidal now. I wake up feeling terrible and spend the day recovering from that feeling.

And yet your suicidal ideation and depression don't prevent you from trolling on the internet. Colour me entirely unconvinced.

A lot of people have a fear of death. Killing yourself is not an easy straightforward option once you find life very hard. It is not just like clicking and off switch. One woman in America tried to commit suicide by pouring petrol on herself and setting fire to herself. But she survived and then lived with severe burns and the ensuing pain.

It's amusing to me to see you talking this way, as though you are the only person who has felt suicidal, and as though you think you are the first 'suicidal' person I've ever come across. I'm not entirely sure what your anecdote is intended to convey. That some people choose stupid ways to die which don't always succeed? Yes, people can be stupid. And?

You and others are in complete denial about the amount of pain that you are expecting people to cope with and that you are inflicting along with society which is comprised of people like you.

And you are, just for a little change, speaking directly from the depths of your fundament. Nowhere have I said I expect people to cope with anything. You're trolling plain and simple, and that's why you get no sympathy from me whatsoever. You're not interested in discussing anything, you just want to play silly games with your facsimile of what you think a depressed person looks like. If you think no one realises this, it's you in complete denial.

The fact that people think suicide is a reasonable or easy solution to anything shows either a complete callousness, or frivolity or lack of empathy.

Again here, you manufacture a position to become indignant about. Nowhere did I say that suicide is an easy solution. You made that up. I said that life for you is preferable, or you wouldn't be here. This is trivially true. You have the option to end your life and have certainly had long enough to think about it if you are to be believed. You've found out what doesn't work, assuming for a moment that I believe you and you have attempted suicide. I know of several ways in which you could end your life relatively simply and effectively and I'm sure you will have come up with some yourself. Yet you go on living - at this time you choose that. Therefore it is preferable to you. It is the best option.

Essentially you are simply asserting that people have a right to harm other people because you believe the harm is okay when accompanied by "Joy".

Essentially you are trolling as hard and as fast as your little fingers will let you by manufacturing the positions of others out of thin air. I wonder how many times you've actually been reported for this up to now.