Posted: Feb 23, 2016 10:32 pm
by Hobbes Choice
DavidMcC wrote:
romansh wrote:Yes, yes I get it. The concepts of morality and ethics exist.

But then so does the concept of red. Whereas, red itself is a little more difficult to believe if we start thinking about physics and biochemistry associated with the experience of red.


You do not have to study or think about "red" to see it, therefore, "red" is not a concept (unless you are talking of linguistics rather than sensory biology).

EDIT: I apologise to the rest of the forum (except romansh) for this off-topic conversation about colour perception, but I was not the one to start it.

When you see Red it is not the same thing as when I see it. Objectively you can measure the wavelengths of colours, but there is no exact point where red ends and orange, purple, Mauve, cyan, or pink begins, and people argue over where the dividing line ought to be. When we both identify red we are agreeing on a subjectively identified, but objectively decided set of values.
And in a very important sense these colours have absolutely NO scientific value at all.