Posted: Aug 08, 2016 12:17 am
by SpeedOfSound
Thommo wrote:
SpeedOfSound wrote:Notice that few discussions around here gather a post count unless jamest or the likes of him enter the fray. Why do think that is?

Because the more obviously stupid something is, the more confident more people feel about being able to point out some or all of the flaws in it.

I think it's because it often pisses us off or threatens us. I am threatened by faulty god-based thinking. It freaks me out that people hold ridiculous opinions. Now I come from a country where freedom of religion is a big deal. Not sure if I am in the right country to be truthful. Now I have considered concentration camps but that whole business is a little unpopular. So. What I want to do is take all the christians and all the muslims and put them on a tropical paradise like island with only one rule. May the best man win. Then film a reality show there.

The other issue with me is that I am never certain of why I hold the views I do. I find radically different opinions catalyze the crystallization of those opinions I rationally need to retain. I have shed a few as well. The process of arguing these things is good for me.