Posted: Aug 08, 2016 2:47 am
by igorfrankensteen
VazScep wrote:
igorfrankensteen wrote: Only to the degree that a foundation is worth bothering with, when building a house.
In most of philosophy, digging out the foundation just means bursting a sewer pipe.

There is a difference between Philosophy, and Philosophies. What I'm seeing a lot of here, is people ragging on the wide variety of things that various individuals call "philosophies," but many of which don't really qualify.

Rather the same as the difference between what many people think the word "theory" means: you know, how lots of annoying dilettantes say "Relativity and Evolution are only THEORIES, after all, just vague amusing notions someone had, and tossed off one day."

Understanding all manner of PHILOSOPHIES, probably doesn't much matter to most people, unless they have to pass an exam on the details.

But saying that this means that the discipline and CONCEPT of Philosophy, in all it's central importance to human understanding and perception of it's own existence, is something to be tossed off as annoying drivel, shows a rather dramatic desire to be obtuse by design.